So sexy it hurts: Are men really more narcissistic than women?

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March 6, 2015 by Bill Johnson

fashion-men-male-modelPsychological Bulletin recently published a review that shows men are more narcissistic than women. The study examined people by the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, which measures certain narcissistic thoughts. It turns out men’s narcissism far exceeded women’s on average.

The test is divided into three categories: desire for power, vanity, and entitlement. Not surprising to many, men scored the highest in the entitlement category. This points to a reason why more men tend to be rapists and criminals – as criminals tend to score higher on the scales.

Is this a result of lifelong social conditioning that men are better than women at things, like math and driving. Perhaps men have been conditioned to believe they are worth more and entitled to more. Women tend to be punished more for expressing self-love or having confidence.

Other studies have shown that people strongly show a preference for male bosses. And that when two candidates, the same on all other fronts except gender, are interviewed for the same position, the candidate who is a man is much more likely to get the position. Do these inequalities contribute to male entitlement? Is this a reason men are hungry for power?

It’s important not to place causation on the study just yet. Many factors could be at play, including biological differences and social conditioning. But it’s definitely something science is going to look further into. They just might be onto the key to preventing wars and violence.

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