5 Reasons You Should Use Sustainable Packaging

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September 9, 2013 by Bill Johnson

green_10We may not always realize it, but the way we run our businesses has a tremendous impact on the environment. When our businesses depend almost exclusively upon shipping, our damage to delicate ecosystems may be even more severe. This has led to a mad dash to come up with more eco-friendly product transportation methods. As the modern citizen becomes more and more environmentally conscious, the benefits of sustainable packaging may not only be beneficial to Mother Earth; these green shipping alternatives might also prove to be a wise decision from a business stand point, as well. When your consumer is focused on environmental protection, he or she is far more likely to appreciate your business when it is evident that you share the same sentiment. More to the point, it means that they will be more likely to do business with you again in the future. Indeed, they might even tell their friends about your company, further expanding your clientele. So, to help increase your customer base and decrease your carbon footprint along with the other negative effects that your mere existence might have on the earth, here are the top 5 reasons you should use sustainable packaging:

1.  Reduce Size – These newer recyclable materials often result in a smaller package that has to be shipped. Smaller packages means less waste, a great characteristic unique to modern green packaging methods, and one the environment will thank you for.

2.  Reduce Costs – Perhaps the greatest benefit of green shipping products is that, because they are smaller in size than conventional methods, they may aid in reducing your costs. Anytime you are able to pinch a penny here or there, your business is sure to benefit. With the money you save because of sustainable materials, you can spend on advertising and building a name for your company.

3.  Recyclable – The products used to construct green packaging materials are exactly that–green. Which means you can stop adding to the dangerous plastics and Styrofoam shipping peanuts plaguing the landfills and contaminating soils and bodies of water. When you are finished with your packaging materials, simply recycle them so that they may be repurposed and used again!

4.  Conserve – The fact is that no matter how harmful certain petroleum-based materials may be, both to produce and discard, plastics and rubbers are still very much a necessary part of our daily lives. But cutting down on the amount of these materials that you use will help conserve them, reducing the need to manufacture more of them, which would only cause more harm.

5.  Advertise – Even if your intentions are entirely based upon the protection of the environment, the fact remains that when some of your customers receive the products they have purchased from you in sustainable packaging, they will think better of your company for it. So, even though it can be a completely inadvertent result, the increase in the amount of customers you do business with is a definite advantage to green packaging.

The world is moving forward with a focus on environmental protection. It won’t be long now before the shipping and packaging ways of old become obsolete. Hitch your business’s cart to the green horse and ride the eco-friendly wave before it engulfs you.


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