The Shift to Compliance with EHR, ICD-10 and the Affordable Care Act Made Easier with M*Modal

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June 1, 2013 by Bill Johnson

In the next few years hospitals and medical practices are going to have to make a lot of changes in order to be compliant with new medical regulations such as Meaningful Use, ICD-10 and the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, and M*Modal has the software to help accomplish that.  New rules will require that more information about patients be gathered and made electronic, leaving physicians and clinicians worried that their time will now be consumed by computers rather than face time with patients.  Understandably, the medical services industry is worried about how it will meet these requirements, but M*Modal has multiple several programs that facilitate these specific changes.

The first is speech encoding software, allowing doctors to dictate their patient visits rather than having to struggle with the computer.  This will facilitate the EHR adoption process, and can be especially helpful for physicians who are less comfortable with computers.

The second type of program that will help with this shift is transcription software.  Some hospitals may want to keep these services in-house, and with this software they can do just that, dictating from any source (PC, smartphone, dictation stations…) and having their work go through process and quality controls.  M*Modal also offers services for hospitals that want to outsource transcription either partially or entirely.

Finally, software for easy compliance with ICD-10 uses notes made in the physician report in order to determine coding.

These and other services are offered by M*Modal in order to facilitate the transition to electronic and more detailed patient records, all while remaining HIPAA compliant.


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