Simple Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle

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April 25, 2013 by Bill Johnson

There are a handful of small changes that can be made in order to give yourself a more healthy lifestyle. Here are a few.

Even if you’ve never gone on a diet, never been on a “health kick,” or never seen the inside of a gym, almost everybody knows the basics of what it takes to live a healthy life style. Weight loss, diet and exercise advertisements assault our consciousness from sun up to sundown, from the couch to the car and all points in between. Why then is it so difficult for people to improve their health? Why are so many people obese or experiencing record rates of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure? Why is it so hard to get out of the house or from behind an office desk for a few minutes a day to take care of our bodies? There are reasons, but there are also plenty of ways to get around these excuses and get active.

Aside from the obvious benefits of feeling good and staying clear of health problems, it’s also generally less expensive to live a healthy lifestyle. Regular doctor visits are likely to occur less if you’re in good health. No medical exam term insurance for life insurance won’t be necessary, as the medical exam will be less likely to reveal any problems and there will be no reason to avoid it. People who live a more active and healthy lifestyle experience much more general satisfaction out of life, have better moods, and tend to live longer. Even in the modern world of non stop work, obligations and commitments, there can still be ways and time found to be active and get healthy.

Simple adjustments in the way you get around can shorten the need for actual workouts and exercise. Routine trips to the grocery store may be sandwiched in between work and picking up the kids, but if you park at the far end of the parking lot and walk a little bit further to get in and out, you’ll be surprised at how many more calories you burn on a regular basis. Taking the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator in multiple storied buildings is another way to get some extra work in and, if it becomes a habit, will be barely noticeable as exercise. When you do workout, a simple workout involving either a 15 or 20 minute walk, or an hour long bike ride are great ideas. One of the best ways to stay with this regimen is to get a partner. This will keep you motivated and keep both of you accountable for the commitment.

Aside from being active, good nutrition makes a big difference in overall health and eliminating the need for no medical exam life insurance. An easy adjustment to make is to ensure that you eat a decent breakfast. People who eat breakfast are far more likely to avoid obesity and overeating as they will be less hungry later in the day and won’t eat more to compensate. Follow the general rule of thumb: only eat if you’re hungry enough to eat an apple, and if that’s the case, you might as well go the distance and eat only an apple. There are so many different kinds, try several and once you find a favorite, keep one or two on hand for a snack. After a while, studies show that your taste buds will change to acquire, accept and prefer natural flavors to the extreme levels of sugar or salt found in most unhealthy snacks.

Keep with these tips and make them a habit, and you’ll have no reason to search for no medical exam term insurance.


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