How not to Spam Your Customers

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April 24, 2013 by Bill Johnson

Mass email marketing refers to sending mails to many people at once. It saves a lot of time and effort as all you need is a single click.

Many businesses today are making use of mass email marketing in order to spread information about their products and services to hundreds of customers all at once. You can either buy a specialized software to do mass email marketing or you can hire a professional service for the same. There are many advantages to mass email marketing. First of all, it saves you a lot of time since you can send mails to thousands of people at once. Hence you can concentrate on other important work.

Mass email marketing software enables you to design visually appealing emails with ease. You can also insert pictures and hyperlinks leading to your website. You can keep a track of who has received your mail and contacts to which sending mails has failed. However a very important part of mass emailing is the ethics that you should follow. For example, you should not indulge in spam. It is always better to let customers subscribe to your information and you can send mails to only those customers.

The number of times you send a bulk mail should not be more than once in 2 weeks. If you send bulk mails frequently then the customers will get irritated and they may even block you. Another way not to spam customers is to write mails to the point. Today people don’t have spare time to read long mails and hence you should get all your points across in a point to point mail. Instead of long mails you can simply insert a hyperlink leading to your website which mentions more points about the company.

It is ethical to include an unsubscribe link in all the bulk mails you send. This way, if people don’t want to receive your mails in the future then they can simply click on the unsubscribe link. The subject line should describe about the topic. This way, people will know what the mail is about and they can simply avoid reading the full mail if they don’t find the topic interesting.

You should also remember to not send the same email again and again. Even mails having same content should not be repeatedly sent. As far as possible, you should make your own address list of the customers who are dealing with your company. You should not take other people’s contact lists and send mail. However you can send mails to potential first time customers who may be interested in your company’s products. However repeat mails should not be sent to these new customers who are in your regular contact list.

While sending mass mails, see to it that it mentions only your company. It is very unprofessional to insert content about other companies that are not of significance to the customers. Any type of removal requests should be quickly acted upon. It is equally unprofessional to send emails to clients who have put in a request to unsubscribe from your mailing lists.


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