Is One Room Apartment Still Popular?

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November 7, 2012 by Bill Johnson

If you are considering looking into apartment-style living, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. Especially for someone who is more accustomed to a rural environment, moving into an apartment can be a huge change of pace. There are many reasons that people choose to move into apartments rather than rent homes or find alternative living arrangements. Apartments are very popular among young couples who are still saving for their first home, elderly people who may be single after losing a spouse but still want community, or students who would prefer to live off-campus.

Whatever your reason for investigating an Apartment to Rent, the choices do not end at whether to live in an apartment or in the suburbs. There are countless kinds of apartments available out there, and choosing the right type is essential to your overall happiness and peace of mind. Based on what you’re looking to spend, the number of people in your household, and other extenuating factors, your ideal apartment may not be what you would have expected. Consider the follow points below to better determine what kind of apartment for rent you should be looking for.

1.  One-bedroom apartments may be, by and large, the most popular kind of apartments on the market. Some of apartments’ most avid supporters, young couples and elderly people, fit perfectly in one room apartments. Couples and singles alike tend to spend a lot of time at work or out and about the community, meaning that they don’t usually need much in terms of space in their home. One bedroom is quite enough!

2.  A studio apartment is even smaller than a one bedroom, and consists of only one room. The bedroom, kitchen, and living space are all connected, not separated by walls. This option is rather popular for students, who spend a lot of time at the library or out socializing. A studio includes the bare minimum of space and amenities, and may not be great for someone who needs a lot of leg room.

3.   A duplex apartment is a great idea for bigger families or single people who tend to have company or entertain. A duplex is about half as big as a single-family home, and often boasts a spare bedroom or living space. If there are many people in your family or social circle, you may want to consider finding a duplex apartment for rent rather than a smaller space.

4.   Remember that not all apartments are urban! Suburban areas are catching onto the apartment trend too, and many suburban towns now have their own loft and apartment communities to offer. These are often very spacious and affordable, a great solution for single parents.

There are so many different types of apartments in so many different locations that it can sometimes be too hard to imagine ever finding the perfect one. The trick is to prioritize when it comes to your home. Figure out how much room you need, what kind of amenities, and go from there!


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